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  2. Mathy_NL

    fun game on inormal

    i will contact you thru discord
  3. Administrator

    iNormal End Reset

    Weekly end reset of the FTB Infinity Evolved Normal server.
  4. Administrator

    fun game on inormal

    Explain a bit more please.
  5. Mathy_NL

    fun game on inormal

    hi my suggesiton is a small mini game with words in chat to earn some money in game greetings rob
  6. Good Afternoon folks we have worked very hard thru the weekend and we're very happy to announce the launch of iExpert! It now is open and you can redeem a free Welcome back kit in our store at https://vahaosgaming.com/donate.php. In addition to that, you will notice in the next few weeks our website will be changing. This is due to the fact that we are close to an alpha for an indie game. What does this mean for you? It means you will most likely each get special alpha codes when the new website is finished as long as you are signed up on it, the domain for the Minecraft website will be moved to https://mc.vahaosgaming.com/ This website is not accesible yet. We look forward to building the community into a large thriving gaming community. Have an awesome day
  7. EndemicUnrest

    Powered spawners on infinity

    Powered spawners don't seem to work. Other kinds of spawner do. Reported at 4:30 9/21/17
  8. EndemicUnrest

    Resource collection and Rfdims

    WIth regards to the cycling of RfDims, I don't think it's a good idea if things stay the way they are. Using the RfDims now is quite risky, as they may be unpowered or collapsing, killing you constantly and requiring staff intervention. If new RfDims are swapped in each week I can only see this getting worse. Unless staff uptime can be increased or the dims be made more permanently safe I would not suggest this. Another, more fundamental issue with this is that most of this will go unused by the majority of players. Most of the high ranking players that can use them already have massive mining laser arrays or other super endgame methods that make manually mining in the dims a waste of time. Most of the players that would benefit from the dims don't have access to them, and by the time they feel like donating to the server, don't need them anymore.
  9. Alaskanhero

    Resource collection and Rfdims

    I believe everyone misunderstood how the rfdims work exactly basically were still on cycle 1 for rfdims which mean all dims received a boost of some sort but they are mostly rng. I will work on enabling the deep dark or mining dim or adding a dense ore rfdim. The rfdims for the most part each rank is offered at least 2 helpful materials for each level per a month. Example Oil has to be refined into fuel costing energy while biofuel is already made. Seed oil is at the free level and with biogas could offer a steady early game energy. I agree with you on some of the rfdims are really good but that's also why i had to balance them on different ranks. I will also be adding some new monthly goals for the free dims and if its reached the /warp rfdim1 will unlock a really good dim.
  10. EndemicUnrest

    Resource collection and Rfdims

    With the banning of the deep dark and the aroma1997 mining world getting materials on a large scale is becoming somewhat difficult. This is made more significant by the banning of automated mining in the overworld. Regardless of the justifications for these bans, the only current way to get large amounts materials is by using the thaumcraft bedrock dimension or going to the RfDims. Unfortunately, most of the RfDims are locked behind donator ranks. Below is a general review of the current RfDims. RfDim1 contains ardite, glass, coal, and seed oil. Glass can only be picked up by silk touch tools and is trivial to produce from cobblestone. This has no place in an RfDim unless I have misunderstood their purpose. Ardite is only useful if you are making TC tools, and these are easily surpassed by tools from other mods. I kind of understand seed oil and coal, as they are useful in many circumstances. RfDim2 contains fire infused stone (mislabeled as firestone), Water infused stone (mislabeled as aqua), oil, and obsidian. The latter 2 make sense, as oil is fairly scarce and obsidian is annoying to automate. Fire and water infused stones are fairly minor thaumcraft ingredients and do not need their own RfDim. If there is going to be any infused stone dim it should contain all of the thaumcraft infused stones. RfDim3 contains copper iron and biofuel. Biofuel is made mostly obsolete by Oil and seed oil in the previous dims. Copper and Iron are important ingredients and should be in a RfDim, but are locked behind a $25 rank. RfDim4 contains gold, redstone, and yellorium, all useful materials deserving of an RfDim, but is locked behind a $50(!) rank. I cannot access and review RfDims 5-7 as I am only a lord in rank. A good addition to this roster would be a mining RfDim accessible by all to replace the now inaccessible deep dark and aroma mining worlds. That way, critical materials are not locked away behind a price tag and donators still get the specialized RfDims for their convenience.
  11. Administrator

    Ozone 2, Auto caster

    Will look into this asap.
  12. Mr_Fix_it_

    Ozone 2, Auto caster

    Unable to remove the Auto-Caster from the crafting table. Have checked and its not on the banned item list

    Pivot Animator

    Anyone here do any animation of any sort? if so lets discuss it here I do pivot animation, ive tried flash(drawing frame by frame) and it went horrible since i suck at drawing
  14. Andreaseik


    Test confirmed
  15. Administrator

    Got banned but want to get unbanned?

    Did you get banned by staff but don't find it justified? Use the following format: - Ingamename - Banreason - Why wasn't the ban justified?
  16. Administrator

    Ban request

    Found a user who's violating against our rules? Or did you see someone use cheats? Report it to us in the following format: - Ingamename (yours) - Ingamename (violator/cheater) - Violation (explain what he has done wrong) - Proof (images etc) Once submitted we will be investigating the case.
  17. Alaskanhero

    I-normal problems

    In addition we have always refunded players when they have asked for a item to be refunded if they attempted to craft it so said players never have lost anything. There is no items a bought rank has that a normal player cant also get with play time. There was lag issues prior to the rfdims being enabled and the deep dark is infact lagging more because it has to be generated again can't generate it if we have players on the server though. So we instead went with the bigger benefit to the players which is rfdims. I will however work on adding a dense ore mining world so that players may instead mine there. I will make sure to add everything you have asked for into our admin chat to make sure were updating things as fast as possible.
  18. Administrator

    I-normal problems

    Rank restricted -> time restricted. We do not restrict items for donator ranks only, we restrict on playtime. The rank restricted has been placed there because i need to check how many hours / which rank it belongs to. Donating for a rank bypasses all TIME restrictions, this does not mean donators get access to exclusive items. Right now the only thing they can get are rfdims, normal members get access to 1, donators get multiple.
  19. Bexxkie

    I-normal problems

    "Also you don't have to pay to craft anything, but you would need playtime." What about the Globetrotters sash, an endgame Botania item. it says rank restricted when crafting, as well as in the banlist. Not time restricted like the quarry and stuff.
  20. Administrator

    Banned items

    Our banned items list has been updated: https://vahaosgaming.com/banneditems.php
  21. Administrator

    I-normal problems

    Dear BexxKie Thank you for your time writing this suggestion Banned items list is getting an update. Also you don't have to pay to craft anything, but you would need playtime. We have fixed our timeouts and no they were not from the dims, as soon as we can we are reenabling the deep dark as mining world, this was a part of the timeouts. I'm sorry if some information didn't reach you and appreciate your time you took for writing this suggestion. We will take all the other topics that I have not replied to in consideration and will discuss this with the other staff. Have a nice stay.
  22. Bexxkie

    I-normal problems

    Update the banned item list. It's totally unfun and unfair to gather all the things to craft something only for it to be banned. This shouldn't even be a problem if you ban something you need to update your information immediately. Enable computercraft. What's even wrong with it? Update the in-game rules to include banned items. Communicate. Use the news system ingame to actually post news rather than only advertisements. Like 'oh the deep dark is banned btw" would be pertinent information. Remove rank locks on items, you shouldn't have to pay to be allowed to craft something. Remove DIMS, from what I've heard once dims were added the server started lagging and crashing a whole lot more. Unban the deep dark, It's the dims causing the crashing since there were no problems with the deep dark prior to DIMS. If removing dims or unbanning deep dark is not an option, add a dim for mining that anyone can use.


    That is good
  24. Andreaseik


    Test has been recieved!
  25. Administrator


    We want to know which server you play on.
  26. Administrator

    Maintenance for all servers.

    On 6th september we are doing a maintenance on every server. This maintenance will probably include the launch of iExpert, or atleast the doing the finishing parts.
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