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  1. EndemicUnrest

    Powered spawners on infinity

    Powered spawners don't seem to work. Other kinds of spawner do. Reported at 4:30 9/21/17
  2. EndemicUnrest

    Resource collection and Rfdims

    WIth regards to the cycling of RfDims, I don't think it's a good idea if things stay the way they are. Using the RfDims now is quite risky, as they may be unpowered or collapsing, killing you constantly and requiring staff intervention. If new RfDims are swapped in each week I can only see this getting worse. Unless staff uptime can be increased or the dims be made more permanently safe I would not suggest this. Another, more fundamental issue with this is that most of this will go unused by the majority of players. Most of the high ranking players that can use them already have massive mining laser arrays or other super endgame methods that make manually mining in the dims a waste of time. Most of the players that would benefit from the dims don't have access to them, and by the time they feel like donating to the server, don't need them anymore.
  3. EndemicUnrest

    Resource collection and Rfdims

    With the banning of the deep dark and the aroma1997 mining world getting materials on a large scale is becoming somewhat difficult. This is made more significant by the banning of automated mining in the overworld. Regardless of the justifications for these bans, the only current way to get large amounts materials is by using the thaumcraft bedrock dimension or going to the RfDims. Unfortunately, most of the RfDims are locked behind donator ranks. Below is a general review of the current RfDims. RfDim1 contains ardite, glass, coal, and seed oil. Glass can only be picked up by silk touch tools and is trivial to produce from cobblestone. This has no place in an RfDim unless I have misunderstood their purpose. Ardite is only useful if you are making TC tools, and these are easily surpassed by tools from other mods. I kind of understand seed oil and coal, as they are useful in many circumstances. RfDim2 contains fire infused stone (mislabeled as firestone), Water infused stone (mislabeled as aqua), oil, and obsidian. The latter 2 make sense, as oil is fairly scarce and obsidian is annoying to automate. Fire and water infused stones are fairly minor thaumcraft ingredients and do not need their own RfDim. If there is going to be any infused stone dim it should contain all of the thaumcraft infused stones. RfDim3 contains copper iron and biofuel. Biofuel is made mostly obsolete by Oil and seed oil in the previous dims. Copper and Iron are important ingredients and should be in a RfDim, but are locked behind a $25 rank. RfDim4 contains gold, redstone, and yellorium, all useful materials deserving of an RfDim, but is locked behind a $50(!) rank. I cannot access and review RfDims 5-7 as I am only a lord in rank. A good addition to this roster would be a mining RfDim accessible by all to replace the now inaccessible deep dark and aroma mining worlds. That way, critical materials are not locked away behind a price tag and donators still get the specialized RfDims for their convenience.

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