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    Resource collection and Rfdims

    I believe everyone misunderstood how the rfdims work exactly basically were still on cycle 1 for rfdims which mean all dims received a boost of some sort but they are mostly rng. I will work on enabling the deep dark or mining dim or adding a dense ore rfdim. The rfdims for the most part each rank is offered at least 2 helpful materials for each level per a month. Example Oil has to be refined into fuel costing energy while biofuel is already made. Seed oil is at the free level and with biogas could offer a steady early game energy. I agree with you on some of the rfdims are really good but that's also why i had to balance them on different ranks. I will also be adding some new monthly goals for the free dims and if its reached the /warp rfdim1 will unlock a really good dim.
  2. Alaskanhero

    I-normal problems

    In addition we have always refunded players when they have asked for a item to be refunded if they attempted to craft it so said players never have lost anything. There is no items a bought rank has that a normal player cant also get with play time. There was lag issues prior to the rfdims being enabled and the deep dark is infact lagging more because it has to be generated again can't generate it if we have players on the server though. So we instead went with the bigger benefit to the players which is rfdims. I will however work on adding a dense ore mining world so that players may instead mine there. I will make sure to add everything you have asked for into our admin chat to make sure were updating things as fast as possible.

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